A new app in development at Tconsult
made for easy packing administration.

About TellApe

What is TellApe?
The application that will make sure your packing administration will be a rising star. How? Because TellApe makes packing a sexy subject once again.

Packing is no longer something to worry about, with TellApe you will gain insight in the whereabouts of your packing property. TellApe simplifies difficult debates in the complete value chain, for the distributor, the transporter and the customer.

With TellApe communication elapses smoother, the administration is constantly up to date and the information directly goes to the receiving party. In short, business accelerates.

TellApe; the new standard for packing
Within logistics there are multiple types of software that can administrate your packing flow. However, the focus on packing often remains unclear, TellApe will change this. TellApe zooms in.

The situation nowadays shows that there is practically no company that has a complete insight in the location and quantity of its packing. Companies have lost the power over their properties. With TellApe companies can get that power back; with TellApe everybody will be acquainted with the current situation.

Aiming the focus on packing has been shown to cost a lot of effort. Many companies see packing as a unsolvable puzzle that they do not want to look at. However, a complete packing-administration yields both financial and efficiency benefits. TellApe makes packing sexy again.

‘The time has come to spice up the understanding of packing. After all, stagnation is always decay.’

Ernst Tjaden, Managing Consultant Tconsult

How does TellApe work?

TellApe will be able to register packing transactions on the spot. That means that information about loading and unloading is directly available and shareable, as the end-user immediately enters the information. It is possible to import this information straight away into TMS and WMS systems by linkages. A link will also be made between TellApe and Avalanche, world’s leading packing administration software. In short, the whole logistical chain will accelerate!

About Tconsult

Who is Tconsult?

Tconsult is THE independent specialist in Smart Logistics Solutions. The company Tconsult is specialized in framing, retaining and optimizing your logistical processes and administration. Tconsult makes sure that logistical information is more accessible and that the information-flow is simplified as well as faster. To achieve this, Tconsult has developed solutions that deliver direct efficiency in time-management and cost savings.

• Print Panther; this printing app creates the possibility to easily print in directly in the truck.
• Scangaroo; this scanning app creates the possibility to easily scan every document at hand.
• RTI Solution (cloud based).

Emballage 100% in control

Tconsult is distributor of the best packing-software in the world. Next to selling this software we also love to provide the implementation of this software. We want our clients to be as content with it as we are.

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Tconsult strives to lead the way in innovation and always makes sure to be aware of the latest technologies and trends. Our way of working is pragmatic and is typically referred to with the term ‘keep IT simple’. At Tconsult the focus is on collaboration, collaboration with partners, collaboration with resellers and ‘last but not least’ collaboration with (potential) clients. You go faster on your own, you go further together!